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March 19, 2007, 2:26 pm
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Check out http://lcmsecurity.blogspot.com/


LCM Security’s 2007 Conference & Expo Schedule
February 20, 2007, 9:50 am
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Hey Everyone,

Come find LCM Security and our partners at INFOSEC World, the SecureWorld Expo, EduCause’s 2007 South East Regional, and the Atlanta ITEC Show this year. If you are looking to engage yourself in a few industry events that cover ever every angle of information security, then these shows are for you. Here is more information about each show:

INFOSEC World Conference – Orlando, FL. March 19-20

This one covers every angle of information security today. LCM Security, Fortinet, RSA, McAfee, Imprivata, and SecureWave are just a few of the sponsors. Go…

SecureWorld Expo – Atlanta, GA. May 2-3

Another multi-angle IT security tradeshow at the Cobb Galleria. LCM Security, Fortinet, Tablus, and Securewave are just a few of the sponsors. Go…

Educause Southeast Regional 2007 – Atlanta, GA June 11 – 13

This one focuses on education only and is attended by nearby higher education IT professionals. It’s an opportunity for you to connect with other colleges and universities. Go…

Atlanta ITEC Show – Atlanta, GA Oct 31 – Nov 1

This show is part of a nationwide tour focusing on the IT industry. Juniper, BlackBerry, LCM Security, and more should be there. Go…

How LCM Security & F5 helped GTA
February 14, 2007, 9:51 am
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Hey Readers,

LCM Security is proud to post this press release to the web. Read how LCM Security and F5 were able to assist the state of Georgia and GTA. Read it here

Here a sample of the Press Release:

“GTA, through the help of system integrator LCM Security, eventually chose two FirePass 4150 SSL VPN products, a secure remote access solution from F5 that provides secure access to corporate applications and data using a standard web browser.
FirePass helps increase the productivity of those working from home or on the road while keeping data secure, and can offer remote access services to some 8,000- 10,000 users at the GBI alone. GTA is currently rolling out FirePass access to other state
agencies for their secure remote access needs.”

F5 Webcasts 2/14: Get the latest on FirePass & WebAccelerator
February 12, 2007, 9:57 am
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Hey Readers, F5 is offering two free webcasts about FirePass & WebAccelerator on Valentine’s Day. Fall in Love.

February 14 Webcast:
FirePass 6.0.1 release
F5 is proud to announce our new FirePass high-performance platform. Learn about unique combined BIG-IP and FirePass capabilities to meet high availability, scalability, and business continuity needs for global enterprise remote-access deployments.
Find out about the new FirePass 6.0.1 release in this partner Webcast. Choose a morning or afternoon Webcast to fit your schedule:

W 14-Feb-07 9am PT FirePass 6.0.1 Join
W 14-Feb-07 1pm PT FirePass 6.0.1 Join

Securing the data, not the perimeter – CNET news.com
February 7, 2007, 10:24 am
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RSA conference
“RSA President Art Coviello’s words may have fallen on deaf ears before, but this year he believes people are finally listening.”

Do you have a call to action for the industry?
The call to action is to focus on the information and less on the perimeter and to focus on the fact that information has this nasty habit of wanting to travel. We have been engaged in defense and protection, what we should be engaged in is offense and enablement, and that’s going to be a radical shift. I have been preaching this for years, but I think it is finally about to happen.

People need more access to information. Things like Web 2.0 type initiatives are creating opportunities for businesses to do more online than ever before, and they can’t do that if they can’t do it with confidence. That’s where security comes in.

For more information on data leakage solutions and business continuity solutions check out LCM Security Online or contact us.

eIQnetworks Unveils Industry’s First Integrated Enterprise IT Risk Management Platform
January 29, 2007, 11:27 am
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Dear Readers,

I know this is going to take up your entire lunch break to read, but EIQ’s new comprehensive SecureVue solution combines, correlates, analyzes and presents data from five key IT silos to minimize risk, support compliance and reduce costs.

HERE IS THE PRESS RELEASE: eIQnetworks®, Inc., a global provider of IT security, risk and compliance solutions, today announced SecureVue™, the industry’s first integrated IT risk management platform to unify Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), asset, configuration, performance and vulnerability data. SecureVue enables enterprises to consolidate, correlate, analyze and present information from these five traditionally disparate IT silos so that they can gain a comprehensive view of the overall security infrastructure landscape to cost-effectively minimize risk, improve operations efficiency, meet compliance mandates and implement security best practices.

Corporations today are facing significant security risks, including internal and external threats, operational integrity issues and evolving regulatory mandates, all of which can cause financial loss, decreased productivity and diminished reputation. To complicate matters, existing security architectures consist of separate point products for SIEM, asset, configuration, performance and vulnerability analytics. Each generates an enormous amount of information that IT staff must manually monitor and correlate to analyze the overall environment, resulting in a costly, inefficient and inadequate risk management process.

By incorporating data from these five key IT silos across the application, network and server layers, SecureVue provides an end-to-end, consolidated view of enterprise security and risk posture. This enables enterprises to improve staff efficiency, reduce network downtime and total cost of ownership, increase accountability and automate discovery of errant network changes.

“Companies are struggling to address complicated information security challenges, regulatory compliance requirements and the rapid emergence of new threats in an environment of budget limitations, inefficient risk management technologies and broken processes,” said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “eIQnetworks’ SecureVue collects, consolidates and analyzes critical security information, helping enterprises close this gap. This can result in better protection and operational efficiency.”

“SecureVue is truly a breakthrough in enterprise IT risk management,” said Marcus Clarke, president of managed security services provider IPkey.com. “SecureVue offers IPkey a distinct, competitive advantage that enables us to provide our customers with an integrated platform to radically reduce security costs while minimizing overall risk.”

Feature Highlights
With a customizable dashboard, SecureVue enables C-level executives to view high-level risk assessment snapshots and allows security and networking operations center staff to more effectively collaborate and drill down into detailed monitoring, correlated alerting, forensics and reporting data. The five advanced functional areas of SecureVue are:


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): provides real-time insight into the IT infrastructure – across thousands of network devices, servers and applications – with centralized log management, topology-based threat visualization, monitoring and alerting combined with comprehensive reporting and forensics analysis. By collecting, archiving and correlating end-to-end event data with data from other modules, SecureVue enables organizations to simplify security operations and support compliance while reducing costs.

Configuration Analytics: enables centralized management of network and system configurations and enforcement of change control policies across the entire IT infrastructure, ensuring change control best practices and compliance management. By automatically detecting, correlating, alerting and reconciling configuration changes and combining this with critical security data from other modules, SecureVue enables organizations to ensure secure and consistent configuration that meet both internal and external oversight requirements.

Asset Analytics: centralizes the tracking and management of hardware and software assets to improve visibility and diminish asset oversight. With an easy-to-use policy wizard, SecureVue enables organizations to easily create and automatically track policies based on asset information from all network devices, servers and applications. The end result minimizes risks and ensures compliance mandates can be met.

Performance Analytics: monitors, collects and analyzes performance data across all network devices, hosts and applications, enabling organizations to proactively monitor network operational efficiency and overall health. Offering real-time views of network performance and availability statistics, SecureVue helps organizations detect, isolate, diagnose and repair problems before business is impacted. Historical performance reports also enable organizations to understand and analyze trends to facilitate operational improvement programs.

Vulnerability Analytics: provides centralized management of leading vulnerability scanners data. By integrating vulnerability data with critical security data from other modules, organizations are automatically notified of newly introduced network, system and application vulnerabilities. With integrated vulnerability reporting and monitoring data, SecureVue enables organizations to establish policies and quickly assess the vulnerability of mission critical business systems.

“Enterprises are currently unable to gain a useful, holistic picture of IT-related business risk because of the disjointed nature of security infrastructure and risk management solutions,” said Vijay Basani, CEO and co-founder of eIQnetworks. “As the industry’s first unified IT risk management platform, SecureVue solves this problem by linking key risk-related silos using an integrated data model with end-to-end correlation to provide companies with a single solution for security, compliance and risk management.”

Pricing and Delivery
SecureVue is available now through eIQnetworks’ direct sales team. Implementations start at $49,995. For more information on SecureVue, please visit http://www.eIQnetworks.com/products/SecureVue.shtml.

Oh Yeah, Something fun is coming from EIQ Networks.
January 26, 2007, 9:27 am
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Let’s just say that everyone here at LCM Security knows something big is about to come out from EIQ Networks. A comprehensive device that will effectively consolidate 4 devices in your SIEM and logging routine.

list to first access to new information our keep checking in on the Blog. Check Here next week from a link to where the press release will be.

About eIQnetworks
eIQnetworks, Inc., a global provider of IT security, risk and compliance solutions, enables enterprise, government and MSSP customers to cost-effectively improve operations by gaining better visibility into the overall IT infrastructure. With more than 2,100 organizations relying on the power of eIQ’s integrated IT risk management platform, customers worldwide are able to take proactive steps to protect IT assets, minimize risk and meet compliance mandates. eIQ customers include Avaya, Boeing, BT, Casio, Citibank, Celgene, Fujitsu, Hess, KPMG, Malaysia Telecom, Nuspire Networks, Singapore Telecom, Sprint, Rackspace, US Army and US Navy. eIQ solutions are sold both direct and through a global network of distributors, resellers and strategic OEM partners, which include Astaro, Fortinet, Huawei-3COM, Intoto, IPolicy Networks, Mirapoint, NEC, NetContinuum, PioLink, Sanmina-SCI, Secure Computing and Top Layer Networks. For additional information, please visit http://www.eIQnetworks.com or call +1 877.564.7787.